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"The struggle to belong. Dealing with diversity in 21st century urban settings" (Amsterdam, July 7-9 2011)


The struggle to belong. Dealing with diversity in 21st century urban settings
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), July 7-9 2011

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research – Urban Studies / University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands

The proposed abstracts besides addressing the single sessions’ topics should be inspired by the conference theme of ‘The struggle to belong. Dealing with diversity in 21st century urban settings.’


Deadline: 21/12/2010

The selection process
The deadline for abstract submission is December 21st, 2010. Each abstract will be classified by the session organizers into three categories:

A – Accepted abstract to be presented at the conference;
B – Accepted abstract as a contribution to the conference (available online) (this paper might be presented in case of drop outs);
C – Refused abstract. The paper will not be presented at the conference.

Abstracts should be sent by e-mail to abstracts@rc21.org and to the session organizers (addresses listed below).

Authors of accepted abstracts should send their paper not later than May 15th 2011 to: papers@rc21.org and to the session organizers. The accepted papers will be published online on the www.rc21.org website only if submitted in time.

Session topics and organizers
1Neighbourhoods and individuals: advanced methodologiesKarien Dekkerk.dekker@uu.nl
2Social consequences of gentrificationErik Snelsnel@fsw.eur.nl
3Local responses to transnationalismMargit Fauser, Gery Nijenhuismargit.fauser@uni-bielefeld.de
4The end of urban neoliberalism (as we knew it)?Ugo Rossi, Stijn Oosterlynck, Sara Gonzalez, Ramon Ribera Fumazurossi@unica.it
5Governance and diversity in citiesMarisol García Marc Pradelmarcpradel@ub.edu
6Marketplaces as sites of CosmopolitanismChing Lin PANG, Jan Rath Sophie WatsonChingLin.Pang@soc.kuleuven.be

7‘Gated Communities’ from a Global PerspectivePhilip Lawtonlaton@tcd.ie
8World CitiesMichael Timberlaketimber@soc.utah.edu
9Invisible migrants in the cities of the SouthGiovanna Marconimarconi@iuav.it
10Negotiating social mix in global citiesGary Bridge, Tim Butlertim.butler@kcl.ac.uk
11Does Diversity Divide? Dealing with sexual diversity in 21st century urban settingsMattias Duyvesm.duyves@hetnet.nl
12Belonging, exclusion, public and quasi-public spacePeer Smets, Paul Wattp.g.s.m.smets@vu.nl
13Urban politics between contention and controlWalter Nicholls, Justus Uitermark, Hans Pruijtw.j.nicholls@uva.nl
14Religion and Urban SpaceMartijn Oosterbaanm.oosterbaan@uu.nl
15Urban Disorder and Social CohesionHilary Silver, Jaap Timmerhilary_silver@brown.edu
16The challenge of global suburbanismRoger Keil
Ute Lehrer
17Cities as learning grounds for citizenshipJoke Vandenabeele, Maarten Loopmans, Stijn Oosterlynck and Nick SchuermansNick.Schuermans@ees.kuleuven.be
18Social Justice and the Right to the CityJudit Bodnarbodnarj@ceu.hu
19Scales of CitizenshipThea Dukes, Inge van der WelleM.J.M.Dukes@uva.nl
20Housing Markets, Urban TransformationsRichard Ronald, Manuel Aalbersr.ronald@uva.nl
21Ethnographic InterventionsAnouk de Koninga.dekoning@uva.nl
22Reconstructing Gender in Urban SpaceSandra Huningsandra.huning@tu-dortmund.de
23Political culture and contention in citiesLuca Pattaroni, Tommaso Vitaleluca.pattaroni@epfl.ch
24Housing and belonging in Latin American citiesCEDLA / Christien KlaufusC.J.Klaufus@cedla.nl
25Changing urban geographies of growth and declineMatthias Bernt
Marco Bontje
26Urban neighborhoods as spaces of production and consumptionPhilip Kasinitz Ewald Engelen Robert Kloostermanpkasinitz@gc.cuny.edu
27Urban order, crime and citizenshipGwen van Eijk Rivke Jaffegwen.vaneijk@crim.ox.ac.ukRJaffe@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
28Living with DifferenceChristiane Timmerman, Els Vanderwaeren, Nichola WoodChristiane.Timmerman@ua.ac.beEls.Vanderwaeren@ua.ac.ben.x.wood@leeds.ac.uk
29Slums, Ghettoes, and the Internal Periphery of the Global UrbanDelario Lindsey Francois Bonnetlindseyd1@wpunj.edufrabonnet@gmail.com
30Youth geographies and spatial identitiesFemi Adekunlea.adekunle@ucl.ac.uk

Abstracts should include the following information:

  1. The session to which the abstract is submitted.

  2. A synthesis of the issues to be addressed in the paper, the hypothesis underlying them, the empirical and/or the theoretical basis, and the structure of the paper (300-500 words).

  3. The contact of the author(s): Name(s), affiliation, address (including ZIP), a phone nr. (will not be made public) and an e-mail address.

Acceptance of abstracts
Session organizers, together with the local organizers and RC21 will inform those who submitted an abstract upon its acceptance within January 25th 2011.

Conference fee
RC21 is a nonprofit Research Committee of the International Sociological Association (ISA), therefore in order to cover the conference costs it is necessary to pay a conference fee. The conference fees are as follows:

Early birds (payment within May 15th, 2011)
a) RC21 member€80
b) Non-RC21 members€160
c) RC21 members B&C countries€60

Late birds (payment after May 15th, 2011)
a) RC21 member€100
b) Non-RC21 members€200
c) RC21 members B&C countries€80

Payment procedures will be conveyed as soon as the abstract selection procedures will have taken place.

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